Legoland Florida opens new beach-style retreat

By Ashley Carter, Attractions Insider
Last Updated: Friday, April 07, 2017, 5:28 PM EDT

Legoland Florida’s newest resort is a beach-style getaway for families.

  • Legoland Florida previews new beach resort
  • Beach Retreat has 83 bungalows
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Legoland Beach Retreat, located across the street from the theme park’s entrance, is designed to create a unique and relaxing experience for guests during their vacation.

One of the first things that guests will encounter is the drive-through check-in process. Without leaving their cars, guests pull up to a window to receive a map and room keys. From there, guests can go to their bungalows.

Legoland officials wanted a way to speed up the check-in process, making it less of a hassle.

“People are so used to conducting business through their car, it’s not a new idea,” said David Brady, Legoland Florida spokesman. “Whether you’re talking about drive-through restaurants, banking, Starbucks, that idea is not revolutionary. So we thought, what if we could take that level of convenience at apply it here at the Beach Retreat, so that literally from the moment you arrive, it’s minutes until you’re unpacked, in your room and able to go out and enjoy your vacation.”

A total of 83 bungalows are located with 13 coves that are scattered across the resort. Each bungalow is a brightly-colored blue, yellow, green or orange and designed to look like a large Lego set.

The coves are named after popular Lego minifigures such as Fisherman’s Cove, Shark Suit Guy’s Cove and Surfer’s Cove. Each cove features its own centrally-located play area, making it easier for parents to keep an eye on the children.

The bungalow has a front patio area with a table and chairs, main room, bathroom and a side room with bunk beds and trundle bed. Other features inside the bungalow include a mini fridge, coffee maker, a safe, two storage areas and a TV.

With sidewalks throughout and around the coves, the resort looks and feels like a planned housing development. The main building in the resort is The Lighthouse, where guests can grab a bite to eat or take a dip in the pool.

Sandy’s Castle Restaurant features a breakfast and dinner buffet. Breakfast is included with each night’s stay.

For lunch, guests can go to Bricks Beach Bar which offers a smaller, lighter menu. Items include flatbreads, sandwiches, takeout pizza and a kids’ menu with spaghetti and meatballs and macaroni and cheese.

There is also a pool area nearby with a man-made beach and outdoor play area. The pool area is also where many of the kid-friendly activities are held each day, including dance parties, Lego building contests and chalk art.

“It was really about giving kids multiple options,” Brady said. “We hope this is the kind of property where for folks who are staying multiple days with us, this might be a place where you stay for an entire day and not go to the theme park.”

Beach Retreat opens nearly two years after the debut of the 152-room Legoland Hotel.

Finding the right theme for the resort was key.

“Lego has been around for quite a number of decades, so we had a lot of great themes and stories to draw from,” said Brady. “Beach was one of several themes we considered. It’s actually one that Legoland has never done before.”

Brady said after conducting research, it became very clear that a beach theme resonated the most.

“When we started sharing images of the bungalows and the interior, just the response was through the roof,” he said.

Room rates for Beach Retreat start at $135 per night and vary by season, date and availability.

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the resort. Complimentary transportation to Legoland Florida, as well as complimentary parking is available to guests.