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Who do you think performed better during the first presidential debate?

Who would you vote for in the race for Orange County Sheriff?

Who would you vote for in the race for State Senate District 15?

Who would you vote for in the Democratic race for U.S. House District 10?

Val Demings(57%)
Fatima Rita Fahmy(6%)
Bob Poe(25%)
State Sen. Geraldine Thompson(13%)

Which Olympic athlete are you most excited to see in Rio?

Michael Phelps(57%)
Hope Solo(18%)
Ryan Lochte(12%)
Katelin Snyder(5%)
Jenny Simpson(8%)

Who would you vote for in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate?

Rocky De La Fuente(5%)
Rep. Alan Grayson(29%)
Pam Keith(12%)
Reginald Luster(1%)
Rep. Patrick Murphy(53%)

Will you be watching either or both of the presidential conventions?

Yes - watching both(37%)
Yes - watching Republicans only(31%)
Yes - watching Democrats only(10%)
No - watching neither(22%)

In honor of National French Fry Day, how do you like your fries?

Steak or wedge fries(20%)
Waffle fries(11%)
Curly fries(13%)
Call me on Tater Tot Day(5%)
Fries? No thanks.(16%)

Do you think the new Congressional district lines were drawn fairly and impartially?


More than 3 million people in the United Kingdom have signed a petition demanding a second referendum on the 'Brexit.' Do you think there should be a second vote?

Should the City of Orlando buy the Pulse nightclub property and turn it into a memorial?

Should Port Canaveral charge a wharf fee to commercial spaceflight company SpaceX when it returns its first-stage boosters to port?

With Hillary Clinton reaching the needed number of delegates to become the Democratic nominee, should Bernie Sanders end his campaign?

Should Florida provide subsidies for homeowners who want to install solar panels on their homes?

How are you preparing for Tropical Storm Colin?

What will you remember most about Muhammad Ali?

Hurricane season begins June 1. How early do you begin preparing for a storm?

Should state legislators that are termed out of office be allowed to run for office after sitting out for a specific amount of time?

Do you think the Summer Olympics should still be held in Brazil despite the threat of the Zika virus?

Are you interested in seeing – and smelling – the rare bloom of Rollins College’s corpse plant?

Yes -- it’s science!(33%)
No – eww!(67%)
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